Friday, April 27, 2012

Alfresco cloud service

Alfresco started a cloud service. More detailed it is is an instance of Alfresco Share which is avaiable in the WWW. The smallest offering is for FREE and it allows you to use Share functions like:
  • The document library
  • The dashboard
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Manage site members
Further features and space is available for monthly fees. However, if you want to try it out then it is possible to register here: .

I just created an instance for and created two user accounts. However both have to log-in to be able to see the content. So this service is not suitable for sharing your content accross the web. It's more for companies or cloesed communities those need to access and collaborate on their documents inside the web. So there seems to be no guest access to your Share instance in the cloud.

Unfortunately the free instance does not allow to access it via an API. So you can't use it as content repo in the web. As far as I understand this functionality will be available later for the paid version of it.

However, if you want to store some documents online (including meta data - this is something which can't drop box do for you), then Alfresco in the Cloud may be an alternative for you.

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