Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to enable DQL tracing

I am currently analyzing some Documentum performance issues. To be able to reconstruct the problem maybe more easier or to check the database indexes it is useful to identify the problematic DQL queries. DQL is Documentum's Query Language. In fact a DQL statement is translated into an SQL one. The Documentum Administrator can return you the SQL for every running DQL. So what you need to get the DQL is to add the following lines to your file on side of your Content Server installation (E.G. ./product/6.5/shared/config/
dfc.tracing.enabled = false
dfc.tracing.recordParameters = on
dfc.tracing.recordReturnValue = on
dfc.tracing.stackDepth = 100
dfc.tracing.combineDMCL = on
dfc.tracing.dir = /tmp/dfclogs
Any further ideas how to trace the DQL? Then just post a comment to this article!