Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alfresco Copy Policies

If you hear the first time about Policies in Alfresco you are understanding the following:

  • A policy can just implement one or more on${Something happens} interfaces
  • If the specifc on${Something happens} event occurs then the policy becomes applied

If you then tink about it in more detail, you will see that it is not that simple. The reason is that in fact one event could cause a complete chain of events. Let's look at the copy event:

  1. on copy
  2. on create
  3. on add aspect
  4. on update properties
So this one copy operation causes multiple other operations. This important to know because of the side effects. So a change regarding the creation behavior of a document will also cause that this behavior will be applied when copying a document.

Let's look at some code:


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